In a commencement address to college seniors back in 2005, the now late David Foster Wallace, an award-winning writer from not-far-away Ithaca outlined how to look at a situation differently in order to find peace of mind body and spirit even in the face of being completely out of control of everything that happens to and around us.


(David Foster Wallace) Keith Bedford/Getty Images
(David Foster Wallace) Keith Bedford/Getty Images

The weird (and very human) part is that a couple years after giving this speech, David himself committed suicide as a result of suffering from longtime depression. Be that as it may and even though he found it impossible to live up to his own words, I find them inspiring and true and something that we should all strive for in order to make this short time that we have on earth much more meaningful... Things happen, but it's always up to us how we handle them. The battle begins and ends in the mind, so here's David's take on how to master your perspective.



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