Earlier this week you read about the adorable and super creative Movie Theater Proposal at local theater, Southside Mall Cinema in Oneonta, NY. We got the chance to interview the lovely couple, Elisabeth Baldanza and Todd Cavanaugh, and answer some of the questions you probably have for them.

Todd, How long were you dating before you proposed?

We were dating about 8 months before I popped the question. But I knew she was the one at around 3 or 4.

Elisabeth, How surreal was the moment? Were you actually paying attention to the movie trailer before you knew what was happening?

I was staring intently at the main character in the trailer thinking that he looked so much like Todd. I was kind of waiting to see who it really was, but I did not expect it to actually be Todd. He totally caught me off guard; I was completely surprised!

Todd, How did you coordinate your special proposal with Southside Cinema? Elisabeth had a friend, Bethany, who managed at Southside Cinema. She acted as the liaison for me and helped out a ton. The owner was kind enough to let me do it. I'm so thankful for their help!

Elisabeth, What was the movie you were supposed to see? How did he manage to get you there? Did you want to go at first?

We were going to see Here After with a few of my friends. When he first suggested it I didn’t really want to see that movie, but my friends all said they wanted to see it so I was willing to go along. I am pretty easy going about things like that so it wasn’t too hard to get me there.

What was the first thing you did when you left the theater? When you have kids down the line, how will you tell them the story?

Elisabeth: We didn’t stay to watch the movie, instead we went out to dinner and then back to my parents house for dessert. I think that our children will really get a kick out of being able to see the video for themselves! The thing that stands out to me and that I would want to share with my children is the fact that Todd really put in the time and effort to make this moment special and to show me how much he loves me.

Todd: The first thing we did afterwards was go eat at a restaurant that I had made reservations at. The restaurant wasn't very good, but we were still on cloud 9.

When we want to tell the kids our story, I think we'll just show them the video! That's why this idea appealed to me, because the medium of video has a timeless quality to it that we can relive the moment forever.

Elisabeth, Every girl growing up dreams of the day they get proposed to. How close was this to your dream growing up?

I really didn’t have any expectations of what my proposal would be like. It is something that I knew I would never have control of so why set up expectations. I would have been happy no matter how he proposed. The most important thing to me was that the man of my dreams and the man that I believe God brought in to my life was asking me to be his wife! With that said, Todd did more than I could ever have imagined or expected!


The couple plan to be married May 28th, 2011. Todd and Elisabeth's story has become so popular that Fox News recently picked it up. Get the complete story here.