I saw that a coworker posted an article, on one of our sister stations, about an app on the iTunes store that lets you dial with your nose. Yeah, while I commend the app's creator for being smart and trying to solve a problem, he has opened up others. Like a messy touch screen. Eww. Here's an alternative.

A company called AGloves, has gloves built specifically to work with touch based devices. How? Simple, there is a conductive metal in the fibers, which allow for the electrical impulses from your finger tips, that most touch screens need to work, to conduct through the gloves to the device. This lets you be able to get it on with a quick game of Angry Birds or Pee Monkey Plant Bloom.

The only thing that jumps out at me is the fact that in the winter, there is an awful lot of static electricity, and I hate getting shocked like that. So not exactly sure how they fixed that problem. But it beats going to check my email or play some Tap Tap Revenge 4, and finding a big old booger on my touch screen. Just sayin'. The neat part? The metal used is silver, which accounts for the "Ag" in the name since that is the chemical symbol for silver.

An the cost? About $18. Not too shabby.

Thanks to Leo Laporte from TWiT and Dick DeBartolo from Daily GizWiz for the heads up on this one.

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