BBG's, the new restaurant open on Commercial Drive in Yorkville has an advertisement on their marquee proclaiming "18 Awesome Beers on Tap and 3 Crappy Ones."  Did they really take a shot at local brews?

According to Utica Observer-Dispatch, columnist Dan Sher published an article relating an email from a reader who claimed the '3 crappy beers' included Saranac and Utica Club.

The article was shared on Facebook and led to an onslaught of comments from people who will not be dining at BBG's.

Eric's take:  Are you serious? C'mon man!  That's just plain sad - you're not going to even try the place? The marquee is a joke and a take-off of the advertising done by the gentleman's club chain, Deja Vu.  Their registered slogan is "1000s of Beautiful Women...and Three Ugly Ones!"

It's just a riff of an advertising slogan not used in this market.  Nothing more, nothing less.

UPDATE 6:40PM:  BBG's has responded to the O-D article on their Facebook page:

If you've driven by BBG's, you have likely seen our sign. It is a marketing tool and we love sarcasm. The three crappy beers are for you, our customers, to decide. Try them all, tell us your favorites, tell us what you would like to see, but don’t think for one minute we would put down beers we proudly carry and display, especially the home grown ones! In fact, we love all of our beers!!

One owner is a hometown girl, born and raised in Whitesboro and took many brewery tours in her day. Both owners are proud to have opened their business in Central New York and specifically in the Mohawk Valley region. There were opportunities in other communities, but they chose to come home and bring the business to the area, and to their family and friends. We couldn't be happier here in CNY!

Come visit us for our great atmosphere, the awesome selection of beers, the new menu and our extended hours of operation! Heck, you can even decide which beers are the crappy ones! (That's sarcasm)