As heard on the Most Music Morning Show during your information update with Kristine Bellino, the world's largest shoe store is open! Shoe lovers, get ready to make the trip to the Dubai Mall to the recently opened Shoe District. According to it's the largest shoe store in the world with over 250 big name brands of kicks spread out over 96-thousand square feet.
Shoe District features popular brands like Dior, LV, Prada, Todd's, Fred Perry, Berluti, Bally, Paul Smith, Lacoste, Puma and Kate Spade. The store also includes a cobbler shoe repair service and a shop called the Vogue Cafe with accessories, books, toys and gadgets. Now if the Dubai Mall was smart, they would open a BBG's right next store for guys like me who really don't care much about shoes and would rather have a burger, a beer and some fun while she shops. Was that rude of me?