The unprecedented resignation of Pope Benedict XVI seems to have attracted some interesting paranormal trappings.

First was the bolt of lightening that struck Vatican City immediately following the announcement of the resignation.  Second, this Conclave will usher in the pope that will fulfill St. Malachy's Prophesy of the Popes with the final pope, Peter the Roman.

Today a video surfaced on YouTube that the poster believes shows the spirit of John Paul II. The video is of a webcam at the tomb of the late pontiff and shows a bright unexplained light that moves across the screen.

Editor's Note: The video originally published with this story was removed by the user from Facebook. A copy of that video has been uploaded by several other users.

From the YouTube video description:

On February 27, 2013 at around 6:30am, Luis R. a devout Catholic and a resident of Fort Myers, Florida, was looking at the Vatican's Webcam page of Pope John Paul II tomb, when he noticed a bright light fill the entire room, then shrunk to form what appears to be a human figure made of emanating light in the center of the screen, the ghostly light did cast a shadow of the cross which was placed over the tomb of the pope on the painting hanging on the wall, he immediately started saving the updated pictures streaming from the Vatican's website, the apparition moved from the center of the image to the right of the room before it was no longer visible. Could this be the Ghost of Pope John Paul II?

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