Men and women are really different when it comes to our daily routines - some things men do that women don't, and vice versa. But watching a few brave volunteers try to tackle a daily task that most women do... Well, it's worth a good laugh.

Make-up is something most guys just don't have a clue about. They know most women use it, maybe they know where to get it, but that's about it (realize I said 'most' not 'ALL'). It's kind of hard to think about something women do everyday, as being so foreign to the opposite sex - but it is.

Buzzfeed Videos were nice enough to give us a look at guys trying to learn the struggle women face everyday. A few lucky volunteers got to try putting on eyeliner for the first time (and I promise - you won't be disappointed).

First they explain why women use eyeliner - which most of the answers are just ridiculous. Then they actually try to put the eyeliner on, and they attempt two different styles. The end result has me laughing out loud!

WARNING: NSFW - language, Language, and LANGUAGE (although most of it is 'bleeped out,' all of it isn't).

I'm just glad these guys came to the realizations they did, at the end. Especially when women are trying to put on eyeliner in the car - it IS a lot harder than we make it look (so don't purposely hit those pot holes!!!)




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