Central New York is a melting pot. With that, there are tons of words (especially names) that can be hard to pronounce, or don't look like how they sound. Any out-of-towner is guaranteed to butcher these words.


Whether it's Oriskany Falls, Oriskany Boulevard, or just plain Oriskany, visitors to Central New York tend to emphasize the 'OR' in this word. It's not a huge deal, but when you hear it, you'll know it doesn't sound right.


In no way does this word have a 'SHOE' sound (like I thought it did - at one time).


In Utica? Maybe bring your out-of-town friends to this place, then ask them how to pronounce it (should be worth a good laugh). It doesn't have that 'CH' sound everyone usually thinks.


Okay, it's not 'WEST - MORE - LAND' even though that's pretty much what it is. Somehow the 'MORE' gets squished in there. Still fun to have people who have never heard of it, try to say it!


Ah, yes this one. It's easier to say than to spell correctly (SO many vowels). Even after practice with this one I tried giving it a 'WAIT' sound at the end... only to learn that wasn't correct either.


HA! Yeah, good luck with this one. It's nothing like what it looks like... Well, maybe the 'O,' but that's about it.


This one isn't too bad if you sound it out. Actually, it's pretty close if you sound it out, it just looks a lot worse.


This one isn't too bad either. If you live in Central New York, or have friends that live in the area, you're guaranteed to know this one. You've probably eaten there a few times (I already have, that's for sure). Greek food - Greek name.


It isn't 'I-LION.' Sounds a lot smoother than that (I guess would be the best way to put it). It has more of an 'ILL' sound in the beginning.


The place located inside the Utica Zoo. This one isn't too hard - it rhymes with bosses. There - that was probably the easiest one.


Okay so if you're not from Central New York, you're probably wondering how well you did. Dave Wheeler has the correct pronunciation for you in the video below (bet you got O'Scugnizzo's wrong, though).




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