Something is growing in New York's capital region, an initiative to spread kindness throughout the area, throughout the state, and in time throughout the world.

It's called "Do the Next Good Thing," and it's the idea of "paying it forward." We hear that all the time, "be kind to others," "pay it forward," and things like that, but do we ever actually do it? And if you do, is it only once, or do you live by that idea?

Jeff Buell is the creator behind this project, and he wants to make the idea of random acts of kindness and paying it forward, less of a thought or cheesy notion, and more of how we live our lives. He's doing this by giving people in the capital region (and other places he travels) $100. He's giving someone this money every single day for a full year. And all he asks in return is the person who receives this money, goes out of their way to make the day for someone else. Whether it's giving a hug to someone who needs it, paying for someone's meal, or even just saying "hi" to someone on the street. It's the idea of passing along the kindness that someone else has shown you, no matter how small or big.

Jeff mentions on a video shared by the "Do The Next Good Thing" Facebook Page, that he knows money can't buy happiness, but it can offer a little peace of mind. He goes on to say that the little glimpse of "peace of mind" can continue to grow and have a bigger effect than the money itself. Besides, who wouldn't want $100 randomly?! Wouldn't it be SO easy to "pay it forward" and show others kindness, when someone gave you $100 and asked you to just be a good person? You can read more on "Do the Next Good Thing" and see videos of those who they've inspired, and those who have experienced their kindness, by visiting:

The "Do the Next Good Thing" initiative is so inspiring. You don't need to be given $100 to do something nice for someone. And it's so easy for us to preach kindness to others, but actually doing it? It's not that hard. Actually, it's so simple it's ridiculous. How difficult is it to say "hi" to someone? How difficult is it to help someone load groceries into their vehicle when you can see they're having a hard time? The fact is, it's not difficult. At all. Even if it doesn't seem worth the effort, it doesn't feel like it's a big enough action to make an impact, it does. The smallest acts of kindness can start a domino-effect of people going out of their way to help everyone.

And we could all use a little more kindness in this world. Why not be the one to start it in your area?


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