With Halloween on the way, it's no surprise to see porches and lawns decked out with scary decorations to celebrate the season - but does one CNY yard take the scary decorating too far?

Every year, you hear about decorations that look so life-like, neighbors call the police thinking someone is really in danger. Maybe your neighbors have decorations that are annoying or too bright - but in one yard just outside Canastota, dummies - including one dressed in a child's pajamas - strung up to look like they're being lynched are realistic and perhaps too close to actual history rather than a spooky fairy tale.

The individual who snapped this picture in Durhamville and posted it on Facebook say they felt the decoration goes too far - it's in poor taste. Commenters expressed opinions ranging from accepting, and suggesting that others needed to be more tolerant, to those who felt that the sight of a child and adults hanging from a tree referenced a time in our history when African-Americans were lynched in a similar fashion.

So what do you think? Is this decoration taking things too far? Or are people getting too sensitive?

Something VERY similar to this happened in West Utica last Halloween, too.

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