Kids have some big dreams, and maybe yours wants to be in a movie. That dream could come true thanks to the fact we have a movie production company right in our back yard.

American High, the Liverpool/Syracuse based company, is behind films like “Plan B,” “The Binge,” “Holly Slept Over,” “Banana Split,” “Big Time Adolescence," among others. According to, the latest movie they're filming is called "Love In Color" and they're planning to film the movie coming up in August. Your child could be cast as one of the roles they are on the hunt for.

Here's some roles they need:

  • Young Paige (she/her) - portraying ages 9-12, caucasian, brown hair, brown eyes, Mediterranean/Armenian-like features; approximately 7 lines
  • Dillon (he/him) - 9-10 years old; Latinx; 1 scene, 1 line
  • Gabriela/AJ (she/her) - 9-10 years old; Latinx; confident; 1 scene, 4 lines

Or heck, maybe you have an older child between the ages of 18 and 24? There's some roles they're looking to fill for that age range as well:

  • Tim (he/him) - 18-24 years old, lovable/benign bro there to have a good time; everyone thinks of him as a jock but he’s secretly part of the Renaissance club; the token straight friend of our crew
  • Chantal (she/her) - 18-24 years old; a self-taught baby witch who learned everything she knows from Witch-Tok (witch Tik Tok); asks about your sign within 10 minutes of meeting you
  • Erin - 18-24 to play 16 years old; 2 scenes, 1 line
  • Aya (they/them) - 18-24 to play 17 years old; non-binary; verified on Instagram; effortlessly cool, see themselves as a fashion icon, have brand deal with Dolls Kill; 4 scenes, 1 line
  • Henry/Todd - 18 years old to play 15; in love with Stacey, very serious about politics; 1 scene, 3 lines
  • Amy Tan - 18-24 to play 16 years old; makes out with random girls; 4 scenes, no lines

If you're interested, email with subject line “American High Casting/and the role you wish to audition for.” Submissions must be sent by Friday, July 16 at 5PM and include photos, phone/email contact and a resume. If selected, a video audition will be requested.

American High's stomping grounds are located in Liverpool at 800 4th Street, at the old Liverpool Middle School.

No word on what the plot of the movie is, who the writer is or who the main cast is, but we've seen some pretty big names in Syracuse thanks to American High. Who would you love to see in a film that took place in Central New York? Let us know inside our station app.

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