Is your pet dog ready for the big screen? A casting call is seeking good pups for a new feature film called “I Love My Dad,” which starts shooting next month in the Syracuse area.

ILMD Productions Inc. says the dog will appear on camera as belonging to one of the movie’s cast members. “I Love My Dad” is described as a dark comedy that will begin production in mid-May. The cast, director and other details have not been announced.

So is there a specific breed in mind? has more:

Producers are specifically looking for a Labrador or similar, preferably a puppy or young dog, that is well-groomed, house-trained, friendly, even-tempered, experienced with social gatherings, and can sit on command.

The film company says that the dog owner should have a flexible schedule, be eager to work, and have a patient and calm demeanor. Is that last part referring to the dog? We hope so.

The best part, you're pup will help you score some extra cash because there will be pay.

If interested, send a photo of your dog with a brief introduction to both yourself and pet to

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