Valentine's Day - It's such a romantic day, filled with love, candies, and all that mushy-gushy stuff. But if you're not careful Valentine's Day can leave you in some serious trouble with your significant other.

Whether you're a man or woman, you can still get in trouble on Valentine's Day, and that's probably the last thing anyone wants to deal with. Well, there's one solution to this problem and it's pretty easy. You still have some time before the big day, so here's some tips to help you NOT strike out...

1. Plan. Don't wait until the last minute. Gas station gifts are NOT okay!

2. Ask. Ask your significant other what they would like for Valentine's Day or what they would like to do. You're not a mind-reader, and you're allowed to find out what would be the best plan so everyone enjoys the day.
....And if you're other half expects you to know? Well, you've bigger problems to deal with than Valentine's Day.

3. Be Romantic. Plain and simple. You don't have to go out and buy a million roses, but a single rose, or anything that shows romance and is a surprise will be greatly appreciated.

4. Don't Overthink. You don't need to plan every single little detail, and freak out when it doesn't go as planned. Think about it - Does falling in love and relationships ever go as you thought it would?

5. Enjoy. Spend time with your significant other, and just enjoy each other's company. Don't stress about work coming up, or the kids, or what's for dinner tomorrow. Live in the moment.


Have a happy Valentine's Day, and remember, this day is about love, romance, and being with people that make you happy. Even if you don't do anything really special, just showing your affection for someone can make it a great day.




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