There are a few things in life that irritate me. For some reason the majority of the annoying things in my life involve vehicles and people chewing. One of the most irritating things of all is people who take up two spots in a parking lot, especially when it's full.

With holiday shopping season is full swing, the worst lots will be those of the mall, Consumer Square and major retail stores everywhere. The scenario that really set me off today was the parking lot of one of the local diners that I frequent. Who would have thought that the Tuesday morning crowd would lead to a mad dash for convenient parking. But, of course there was a perfectly good spot that was impeded by a jerk in a white Mercedes.

Now, I can understand certain circumstances in which you as the driver are forced into a position where you eventually look like the jerk based on how others around you parked, but in most cases, there is a blatant lack of care for fellow motorists and diners/shoppers. I understand you don't want to get your car 'dinged' or 'damaged,' but nobody wants to ding your vehicle either. Nobody wants to be without a parking spot either. In fact, they're more likely to want to 'ding' your car if you're a knucklehead.

Other factors that may contribute to inadvertent double parking or parking in two spots is the winter snow. Now, obviously it makes it more difficult to see the lines of the lot, but you have to use common sense and logic when it comes to finding the best way to give the other cars adequate space. When you go out shopping this year, keep these thoughts in mind so that you don't look like the jerk in the white Mercedes.

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