Dunkin' has been going though a lot of changes recently. First, they dropped the 'donuts'. Now, they want to give Central New York a buzz.

In what is being viewed as an effort to take on coffee giant Starbucks, Dunkin' is adding espresso to their menu - and along with it - all those fancy drinks that end in "-ino."

According to a release, "Dunkin’ will serve handcrafted hot and iced espresso beverages -- including lattes and cappuccinos -- featuring a rich, smooth, balanced taste that meets the profile preferred by espresso customers, and in particular younger espresso drinkers." These drinks are expected to hit stores by the holiday season.

Just how far will Dunkin' go to take on Starbucks? Starbucks is known for some pretty out-there coffee concoctions - remember the Unicorn Frappuccino? And I don't recall seeing too much in the way of DONUTS at Starbucks. I mean, I love coffee, but Dunkin' is all about the donuts - and those delicious plain glazed Munchkins to me.

Dunkin' is even changing up their cups to emphasize the new addition (to build BUZZ, if you will): "The new espresso cups are bright orange and feature an exclamation point “!”, a symbol that the espresso beverages being served are bold, new and exciting."

Credit: Clint Blowers/Dunkin' Press Release
Credit: Clint Blowers/Dunkin' Press Release

Are you going to try one of Dunkin's new espresso drinks? Do you go to Dunkin' for the coffee or the donuts?

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