Oh my God, it's the weekend! (Well, almost.) And "Too Cool To Dance" pop darling Eden XO certainly knows what it's like to get excited to get away, which is why she's recorded "The Weekend," a rousing anthem dedicated to those few, fleeting days out of the office — or whatever you're doing to get by during the week.

Ahead of the Snapchat premiere of the "Weekend" video tomorrow, Eden is taking us behind-the-scenes of the shoot, courtesy of some exclusive snaps by photographer Nikko La Mere. And, as she revealed to us, this video was truly a labor of love.

"I had this idea for 'The Weekend' music video that I just had to see come to life, whether my label was going to give me the support financially to make it happen or not," Eden reveals to PopCrush. "My team at Prospect Park and I took matters into our own hands and called upon a bunch of our talented friends and we put together a cast, crew, location, shot list, etc. in under a week...the experience was one of the most rewarding creative processes for me. Everyone was stoked on set and happy to be a part of the video. We had so much fun!" Now that is how you take care of business.

But which talented friends did she recruit? "Johnny Wujek and I oversaw the creative direction and Noel Maitland directed." And that's not all: "The video is full of cameos from some familiar faces you might recognize...I was so honored that my co-stars believed in my vision enough to come be a part of it. I couldn't have done it without them. I think our collective fans are going to flip!"

And as for what to expect? "My concept was basically what if all of my favorite characters from the classic grim fairytales went to a downtown LA loft party? What would happen that night?" And judging by the photos, it looks like Cinderella (and yes, that's "Bombastic" babe Bonnie McKee!), Snow White and Jasmine are getting turnt.

To premiere the video, Eden's opted to go the cutting-edge route: Snapchat, much like a certain Rebel Heart. "Premiering my video on Snapchat is a definite flex move. It's 2015 and the reality is more people watch the Snap Channel than Youtube or MTV- I'm psyched to be one of the few artists awarded this opportunity, and in the company of Madonna — she's an artist I've looked up to my entire life. I am so grateful to Snapchat for believing in me."

Check out your first sneak peek of "The Weekend" video up top, and let us know if you're ready to get wild with Eden and her fairy tale besties in the comments below.

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