When we say enjoy Fratello's, we mean enjoy the food, the atmosphere, the service--it's all really good. Owner Brian Zahniser has a good little thing going in Central New York. Moose is a great cook, his wife Aschlee is a great waitress, and the team rocks.

Zahniser is also a handy guy and remodeled the restaurant himself with neat upgrades. The bar where we shot the video above is casual and stylish. The neat touches in the dining area include some homemade wine glass racks mounted on the wall in the booths.

Fratello's is a big part of the community in Frankfort and they recently made a big move...across East Main Street to a much larger and nicer space.

Credit: Phil Creighton/TSM

Fratello's does sit-down and take-out. They specialize in pizza, wings, subs and sandwiches. They also have a full offering of meals, from riggies, to eggplant parm, to a Friday fish fry. Here's a closer look at the Fratello's menu on their Facebook page.

And here's a closer look at some of the delicious food we sampled, including riggies, meatballs and shells:

Credit: Phil Creighton/TSM

The atmosphere at Fratello's features live music in the evenings, with local legends like Justin Smithson popping in for some acoustic guitar. And Zahniser himself plays keyboards, and is often part of the show.

If you're near Frankfort, you should give it a try. Or, maybe make the short trip.