You've tried Mexican burritos, vegetarian burritos, and maybe even the latest craze--pizza burritos. But we'll bet you haven't tried a sushi burrito. Small Town Eats is here to help.

There's a place in Central New York that's serving them up. I Ramen Bar Japanese Restaurant in New Hartford has great food, including different versions of their signature sushi burrito. Many come with eel sauce, spicy mayo and wasabi sauce, but you can order them with or without.

Beth usually gets the Poke tuna burrito and I order the Ring Sun. They have lots of other sushi options and hot Japanese dishes as well. The ramen noodle bowls are also superb. Beth wrote a blog about it shortly after it opened and it's since become one of our favorites. Check out some pics and reviews on Yelp.

And here's some more info on their website. I Ramen Bar is located in the back end of the New Hartford Shopping Center, across from the rear entrance to Planet Fitness. The atmosphere is spare, but the food is delicious and the service is excellent. Open Tuesday through Sunday, closed Monday.


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