Brace yourself for some serious cuteness: the red panda cubs will be revealed to the public at the Utica Zoo.

As part of International Red Panda Day (of course they have their own day) the pandas, who were born in August at the zoo, will be seen in public for the first time since their birth.

The pair of baby pandas were born to mom Ming-Yue in the early morning hours of July 6. One female and one male weighed just over 1/4 pound each at birth. The cubs have been off exhibit to allow Ming-Yue ample time to raise her cubs in privacy.

No offense to any of the other animals at the zoo, but the red pandas might be the cutest animals at the zoo - and now to have them in a baby version? We. Can't. Even.

If you think you can handle cuteness, stop by the zoo on September 21 and get a glimpse - and hopefully a picture - of the little fluffy red panda cubs.

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