Everyone's a buzz about a comedian who came to Utica and didn't seem to like the area. She joined Matt and Naomi on the Workday Kickoff to explain her 'tour' video of Utica.

There's been a firestorm on Facebook and Twitter after comedian Chrissie Mayr took a 'tour' of Utica, and ended up tearing the city to pieces. Last summer, she shot a video of her Utica experience, and the video recently resurfaced.

After Matt and Naomi watched Mayr's video of Utica, they decided to take a stand for the city. They wanted to stay light-hearted and understanding, and wanted to give Mayr another chance to see all that Utica has to offer. This video, also fueled the already started fire on social media.

Now, Matt and Naomi got the chance to talk with Chrissie Mayr - for an exclusive interview about her video, and what she thinks of Utica. You can hear the interview in the video below:



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