Firefighter Friday
This week we talk to Jim Griffiths who is not only the Assistant Chief of the Deerfield Fire Department, but he's also an EMT and works for Oneida County 911.
Firefighter Friday
For this week's 'Firefighter Friday' we talk to Michael Scoones who already knows firefighting is what he wants to do. And he's already got an early jump on his career.
The Zoo's News: Membership
In this week's segment of 'The Zoo's News,' we answer a question that was submitted: What exactly does it mean to become a member at the Utica Zoo?
Firefighter Friday
This week we talk with the Chief of the Clayville Fire Department Joe Inglis. He tells us about his journey into firefighting and the hardest part of his job.
The Zoo's News: Brewfest
In this week's episode of 'The Zoo's News,' we get more information on the big event this weekend, 'Brewfest.' Here's what you can expect and all the details...
ICYMI: Firefighter Friday
In this week's 'Firefighter Friday' we talk with Jack Graham of the Old Forge FD. He tells us how the mountains can make for some difficult fire calls.
The Zoo's News: Upgrades
It's the first episode of 'The Zoo's News.' We talk with Mike Beck about the upgrades to the Sinnott Educational Center and other new features being added.
Maynard Firefighter Caldwell
This week's featured firefighter is Randy Caldwell of the Maynard Fire Department in Marcy. He tells us what got him into firefighting in the first place and how things have changed in the fire service over the years.

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