Thinking about taking a trip to the 1000 Islands Region and visiting Boldt Castle? You may want to wait until September, for a fun event the whole family can enjoy, and your kids will really love.

Any time is a great time to take a ride on Uncle Sam Boat Tours or a ride on Clayton Island Tours, and stop at Boldt Castle for some exploring, photo shooting, and just taking in the sights and sounds. But a special event is coming up next month that gives you just one more reason to head to the famous attraction.

Whether you've been to Boldt Castle before or not, your whole family is going to love a special event they're holding in September, especially if your kids love princesses, pirates, and fairy tale characters. Boldt Castle is hosting a "Fairy Tale Adventure."

The event is happening on Saturday, September 8th and goes from 10am to 3pm. According to the Boldt Castle's Fairytale Adventure Facebook Event Page, cost to get in is their regular, general admission prices -
Adults: $9.50
Child (5-12 years): $6.50
Infant (4 and under): Free

Of course, if you're taking a ride to Boldt Castle from Uncle Sam Boat Tours, you'll have to pay your boat ride (same with taking a ride on Clayton Island Tours). If you're taking your own boat, you'll just have to pay the general admission price to get into the castle and be a part of this fun event.

After some time hanging out with all the princesses and characters, you and your family may want to take a break and grab a bite to eat. Luckily, there's a concession stand on the dock with lots of goodies like chicken tenders and hamburgers... Even ice cream. That's always a great way to end a great day.

If your kids are too old and wouldn't be interested in fairy tale characters and princesses and such, you can always plan a family trip to Boldt Castle to take in the sights and the sounds on your own. You can get more information by visiting:




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