During the turn of the century, it was popular for the wealthy to build summer homes: towering tributes to their wealth and status. These homes were scattered throughout the Adirondacks (commonly called Great Camps), and extended up into the St. Lawrence River, to the Thousand Islands.

One such mansion is Boldt Castle. Built on Heart Island, this residence was a symbol of the love between George Boldt, proprietor of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, and his wife Louise. Six stories high, the castle featured elaborate grounds, it's own power facility, and a multiple story playhouse for their children.

Tragically, Louise Boldt passed away before the interior of the house could be completed. Broken hearted, George Boldt lost all interest in completing what would have been a monument to their love. He radioed the workers, telling them to stop construction. The house was never completed, and remained vacant for close to 80 years, slowly decaying and falling prey to vandals.

In 1977, Heart Island was purchased by the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority, and over the years has been slowly renovated, and has become a popular tourist destination, particularly for weddings. The love story of George and Louise Boldt has been an inspiration to thousands of young couples.

As with any location associated with tragedy, people started reporting hauntings on the island. Over the years, people have reported hearing phantom footsteps, strange lights in the castle, and even the spirits of Louise Boldt has been spotted, haunting the home she never had the opportunity to enjoy.

With or without the reports of ghostly phenomena, people who visit the Island find themselves haunted by the tragic story of the castle. While wandering the gardens, or walking through the rooms of the castle, it is impossible to refrain from imagining the grandeur of the castle, were it to be completed.

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