It's finally here. A hot dog that's healthy for you and it's made locally. You and the kids need to taste this for yourself. It's currently available on the menu at Piggy Pat's or by the package at Chanatry's and Piggy Pat's.

Pat McCann from Piggy Pat's came up with this idea and went to Cornell Cooperative Extension for some guidance. After conferring with them he met with Steve Winkler owner of Lucki 7 farms in the Tug Hill area for the absolute best pork and beef he could find. Their animals are 100% certified natural. No antibiotics. No chemical hormones.

Next he needed a recipe so again Pat goes to the best. Eric Smith from Smith Packing Company in Utica. They created an original recipe with no nitrates, no fillers, no MSG, no gluten. It's chemical free. All they use is clean meat from Lucki 7 Farms and a unique blend of spices from Smith Packing. This is all verified by the USDA at several different points throughout the process.

Pat McMann hopes local schools will serve this up to our kids soon. He's also hoping for more locations to purchase packages of Farm to Table Hot Dogs.

Now Pat is working on producing healthy meatballs and grass fed burgers. He might be on to something here.



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