The CATALYST group of Utica celebrated their second birthday with a 'Be Local BBQ' at Piggy Pats. Local vendors shared samples of their food and products, and CATALYST brought the community together for this great event!

Piggy Pats played host to CATALYST's second birthday party, but it was a celebration for the community more than anything else. CATALYST is a group of young professionals in our community that work with the Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce. They keep the community invested in Utica, bring hope, and engage residents to be proud of their city (usually through different events during the year - like this birthday celebration).

There were tons of local vendors giving out samples, explaining their business, and giving away some awesome prizes. Adirondack Distilling Company has a booth set up, and were giving out samples of two different kinds of mixed drinks - both using their own hand-crafted spirits. Heidelberg Bread from Herkimer had this amazing jalapeno bread (which I had MORE than my fill of). Saranac Brewery was giving out samples of their varieties of beer, and The DEV had 'Drunken Cupcakes' (and they were as good as they sound).

Now that's just a few of the vendors that made CATALYST's second birthday party a huge success. It was so great to see people coming together in the community to have a good time. Plus, it was a great event to get out and meet people in the area - everyone just hanging out, socializing, and sharing their pride of Utica!


CATALYST holds tons of events throughout the year for our community. They're part of ribbon-cutting ceremonies, volunteering efforts around the city, and tons more - showing the pride of this great area. I'm so proud to be a part of such an amazing group of people, right here in Utica!


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