Every morning, I make a smoothie. It used to always take forever to make. I had to get out the blender, add my ingredients, blend and pour into a separate glass. It not only took a lot of time, but it also was a pain to clean up. One day, I found something very interesting on the Internet. And ever since I found it, making smoothies has never been easier. (Yes, I know this sounds like an infomercial, but this trick really works.) All you need are your blender blades and a mason jar. Essentially, you are turning a mason jar into a blender.

It's very simple. Unscrew the blades and base from your existing blender. Take the blades and the base and attach them to a regular-mouth mason jar. That's it. You're done. I use this method every day. The best part is that you can drink from the mason jar when you are done blending your smoothie.

Here's a video:

Here's another video. Take note: there is no need to pour the smoothie into a separate glass.

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