Perhaps we'd be more sympathetic if he hadn't also skipped bail.  61-year-old David Kitzki of Mequon, Wisconsin has been charged with one count of felony bail jumping and one count of negligent handling of burning material.  Mr. Kitzki decided to run a test for his home fire inspection business.  He threw a lit cigarette into a garbage can to see how long it would take to start a fire and you guessed it, he ended up setting his house on fire!

When the fire spread faster than he thought, he grabbed his fire extinguisher from his truck only to discover that it was empty. Mr. Kitzki called 911 and soon the fire department arrived to put out the fire.

This can't be good for business as he is (or was) a consultant for Dave Kitzki Inspection Services, which does fire inspections on assisted living and child care facilities.

Look out Fire Marshall Bill, someone is going for your job!