Every mother wants to keep her children safe. For one mom, it was her keen sense of smell that led her to danger - in a place she least expected it.

Katie Rose Dugger is mom to an adorable baby boy, Mitchell. Like most moms, she regularly cleans his room...but she couldn't seem to get rid of an unusual fish smell in her son's bedroom - no matter how much she scrubbed.

Kate finally turned to Google, and what she found there surprised her - a fish smell can be caused by burning plastic. Sure enough, after quickly checking out her son's outlets, she found one had overheated and was melting the plugs in it. This could have easily led to tragedy.

Katie took to Facebook to share what she had discovered with friends and to warn them not to disregard anything that smells fishy in their home.

Mitchell is lucky to have a mom that trusted her gut, and got to the bottom of something that didn't seem right. It's possible, that with the help of Google, she saved his life. 

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