Fire prevention week is underway and the theme this year is "Have 2 Ways Out."    Are you prepared in case of a fire?  There are some simple things you can do to protect your home from a fire.  

Any time I meet a firefighter, I always ask them what I should be doing to protect my home from fire.  Time and time again they say four key things.  First, make you sure you have plenty of working smoke detectors.   Working is the key here.   Check them frequently to make sure the batteries are still working.  Put them in every room and especially near the kitchen.  Second, have a plan to get out of the house.  Better yet, have two ways to get out of the house.  Remembe when r you did fire drills in school?  Do them at home.  Practice makes perfect.  Third, clean the dryer lint.  Not just the one in the dryer but the dryer  hose that goes outside.  Vaccum it every couple of months.  It's a fire hazard people don't think about and when that lint piles up, it spells trouble.  Fourth, if something does try to catch fire, call 911 immediately.  Don't try to put it out yourself and then call for help.  Timing is key because a fire can move extremely fast.  Want more tips?  Check them out from the National Fire Protection Association and keep you and your family safe all year long.