Meet Dave Jones of the Newport Fire Department. He's a dedicated, hard-working firefighter who deserves recognition for the job he does.

We're not sure if this week's featured firefighter knows he was nominated for "Firefighter Friday," he was nominated anonymously. But either way, his nominator had some wonderful things to say about him and we wanted to share his story with you.

Not only is Dave with the Newport Fire Department, he is also lieutenant and president of the department. And on top of having all that responsibility and work, Dave also has a family and is Chief of the Kuyahoora Valley Ambulance. Like all the firefighters we've talked to (so far), he somehow manages to make time to fit in all those jobs.

But it's not just about all the work he does, it's about the passion and dedication. Dave's nominator wrote,

Dave is one of those firefighters who genuinely takes pride in everything he does, from EMS calls to fire calls, you name it. From the time the tones drop to the time the truck is back at the station, no matter the call, he always acts professionally...

Not only that, but his nominator says he does a great job in making sure everyone has the right tools and equipment so they can succeed. Dave's nominator also pointed out all the hard work of all the firefighters at the Newport Fire Department saying,

...With Newport being such a small town there just isn't enough recognition not only for Dave but for the great work of his fellow firemen.

First of all, we want to thank Dave Jones for all that he does as a firefighter, and putting his life on the line so that we may live safe and happy lives. But we also want to thank him for being a dedicated fireman and working with the firefighters around him. This is why we're proud to recognize him for this week's "Firefighter Friday."

If you know of a firefighter who deserves recognition for the job they do, you can nominate them to be featured on "Firefighter Friday." The entry form and details are below:





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