This week's featured firefighter is Josh Ambrose of the Liverpool Fire Department. He explains what it's like to be captain of a fire department at a young age.

Josh Ambrose tells us he's been with the Liverpool Fire Department for about four years, but before he moved out to Syracuse he was a member of the Whitesboro/New Hartford Fire Departments. Firefighting has run in the Ambrose family for quite a while. Actually, Josh's brother Zach Ambrose is also a firefighter and police officer (and will be featured on an upcoming segment of "Firefighter Friday"). He explains that his mom's side of the family was heavily involved in the Utica Fire Department, and his dad's side was involved with the New Hartford Fire Department. Actually, Josh is a sixth-generation firefighter.

Josh is the captain of the Liverpool Fire Department, and we asked him what some of his job duties include. He responded,

My job pretty much, is I oversee the station, I run the station, and am in charge of the men at that station.

Being captain of a station sounds like a HUGE responsibility, and we found out that Josh is only 25 years old. But he has proved that he can be in charge and can handle being captain. We asked if being young made things difficult for him, if he ever had a problem with some of the older generation not wanting to listen to him because he's younger. His response was amazing, and makes us even more proud of ALL the firefighters out there. He says,

 I think a lot of that stigma has gone away. A lot of people are realizing that the younger generation is coming up and in. And they are embracing it. It's the changing of the tide, and the older generation realizes that the younger generation is here to help...

He admits that it was one of his concerns when he took over the position, but says he was welcomed in with "open arms." Which is just a fantastic thing to hear. We're glad he was welcomed in without any problems, and his age didn't play a factor in his job title (because it shouldn't, but some still judge people on that fact).

Like we ask all the firefighters we've talked to for "Firefighter Friday," we asked Josh about a memorable moment on the job. He says a lot of calls went through his head when we asked that question, but honestly the memorable moment that stuck out had nothing to do with a call he was on. He says it has to do with the brotherhood of the fire department. When Josh's father was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, the firefighters stuck by his family's side. And it didn't matter what station these firefighters were at, they all came together to support and help out his father.

Josh tells us that his station gets about 19,000 calls a year (which is probably the biggest amount we've heard so far). He breaks down what the majority of those calls are and how often they get fire calls in the video (at the top of this page).

We also asked Josh what the best part of his job was, and he had a very inspiring answer. He says he remembers starting off as the young guy and wanting to learn everything about the fire department. Now as one of the senior firefighters at the station, Josh gets to teach the newer members coming in and help them learn and grow as firefighters.

Outside of the actual firefighting and going on calls, the fire department does a lot in community. They have different fundraisers throughout the year, help out and make their presence known at other community events, and the Liverpool Fire Department will even be at the Great New York State Fair (which you can hear more about in the video above).

We want to thank Josh Ambrose for coming in and talking to us about his job as a firefighter. And for all that he does as a firefighter and in the community, we're proud to recognize him and feature him for this week's "Firefighter Friday."

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