Robert Stirling is a full-time paramedic, and in his spare time he's a volunteer firefighter AND a volunteer paramedic. He shares his story with us...

Stirling has been a firefighter for the last 28 years, and was inspired to join the firefighting community because his father and mother were involved with it. His dad was also a firefighter and his mother worked with the ladies auxiliary. We asked Stirling why he decided to be a paramedic on top of volunteering at the fire department. He told us he just likes helping people out.

We also asked Stirling about a memorable moment he's had on the job (whether it was as a paramedic, a volunteer paramedic or a firefighter). He didn't tell us a specific story of something happening, but he did tell us about the experience...

...Seeing the outcome of people that get transported to the hospital from car accidents and stuff like that. When I see that they're okay, and they give out 'thank you' cards, and whatnot...

What a feeling that must be, to know that you were there in an emergency to help someone and get them to the hospital, and then to see them later and they're okay. And Stirling was very modest about it all (which you can see in the video at the top of this page).

It's obvious Stirling is dedicated to helping out others, with his job and multiple volunteering efforts. When it comes to the firefighting side of things, Stirling is actually an interior firefighter, as in he goes into the burning buildings to help put out the fire and get people out.

Stirling had some great advice for anyone who has ever been curious about firefighting, or has been interested in becoming a firefighter, but may be "on the fence" a little bit...

Come out on drill nights and see what we do, watch the videos and stuff like that, and do training with us. Go for a ride-along with us.

When Stirling isn't fighting fires and saving people's lives, he loves to cheer on the Utica Comets! Which we love to hear, someone who is so devoted to helping the community, and is just another member of the community at the same time. Stirling also has an eight-year-old son. We asked him how he would feel if his son came up to him and said he wanted to follow in his footsteps and become a paramedic and a volunteer firefighter. He says,

I would be really proud if he does.

For all that Robert Stirling does as a paramedic, a volunteer firefighter, and a volunteer paramedic and being so modest about it all, we're so proud to recognize him and feature him for this week's "Firefighter Friday." Thanks again Robert, for all that you do.

If you know of a firefighter you think deserves recognition for the job they do, you can nominate them for "Firefighter Friday" at the link below. They may be featured in an upcoming segment.




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