Think about this the next time you're hitting the gym.  When was the last time that TV remote was cleaned?  Or that water fountain in the corner was wiped down?  Discover the five germiest things you'll encounter at the gym, thanks to

Ready to be grossed out?  These germy spots are not listed in any particular order.

1.  Water fountains:  The handle can be contaminated with a bunch of germs, such as norovirus, which can survive for up to four weeks on a contaminated surface.  The water spout on the fountain is another germ magnet, since some people touch it with their mouth when getting a drink.  Your best bet to stay healthy is to bring your own water bottle and skip the fountain.


2.  Your gym bag:  Think about it.  You drop it on the floor of the gym or put it in a locker.  Then you stuff your shoes and clothes in it when you're done working out and guess what happens?  The germs get a free ride to your car and house.  To prevent germs coming with you, spray your bag with Lysol before bringing it in the house.


3.  Your water bottle:   If you're touching germ laden surfaces at the gym and then touching the bottle top with your hands, those germs will go right into your mouth.  Get a bottle that you can open with mouth and always fill your water bottle at home, not at the gym.

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4.  TV remotes:  A study by the Journal of Medical Virology showed that TV remotes are very popular places for the rhino virus, otherwise known as the common cold, to hang out.  If you use one at the gym, don't touch your face until after you've washed your hands with soap and water.


5.  Sauna and steam rooms:  Before relaxing in one of these, consider this.  The floor is covered with germs and so are the benches.  If you walk in barefoot and have even a small cut or crack in your foot, you could pick up a nasty fungal infection.  The benches are germy too.  So, always wear flip flops and sit on towel when you use the bench.