The president of Fly Creek Cider Mill is clearing the air after a flood of criticism on social media regarding the handling of a customer who was breastfeeding at the mill last month.

Brenda Michaels has posted a statement on the cider mill's Facebook page apologizing for the incident, adding that 'breastfeeding is and always has been welcome at our Cider Mill.'

Dear Facebook Friends,

In light of recent social media conversations we would like to assure our visitors that breastfeeding is and always has been welcome at our Cider Mill. Recently our staff asked a breastfeeding visitor to cover-up. This request should not have been made and is contrary to our operation and belief.

We extend a very heartfelt apology to Marissa Olivera and her family that the opinion of an individual was represented as the perspective of our Cider Mill and while we can’t undo the past circumstances, we will make certain that going forward, mothers and families receive the hospitality that they’ve always enjoyed, just as I did while a nursing mother.

I myself breast-fed both our children, now 11 and 16, at the Mill. We feel that breastfeeding is both natural and beneficial to raising a healthy child and family.

Those that know our small, family business are aware that our main charitable support is for finding the cure and encouraging the early detection of Breast Cancer. To-date we have raised over $43,000 which has helped patients in our area.


Brenda P. Michaels

WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning spoke with the disgruntled customer on Thursday, who said an employee told her to cover-up while breastfeeding, adding that customers had previously complained about her breastfeeding at the business.

Marrisa Olivera said the request by the employee made her feel uncomfortable. You can find audio of that interview here (scroll down to the last two segments of the show).

After going public with her experience at the business, Olivera says she has received overwhelming support on her social media page about breastfeeding, and doing so whenever the baby is hungry. Meanwhile, the Fly Creek Facebook page has been flooded criticism, with many mothers posting pictures of themselves breastfeeding their own children.

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