A message posted to customers on Facebook states the Fly Creek Cider Mill and Orchard is closing on Sunday, January 31, 2021.

Another family favorite destination may be closing for good due to the pandemic. The water-powered cider mill on the banks of Fly Creek has been pressing cider for 162 years. Many families look forward to the wagon rides, the duck pond, and the famous cider tour.

History of the Fly Creek Cider Mill:

Now in its 162nd year, Dutch settlers in Fly Creek Valley called the low-lying swampy area “vlie.” Over time “vlie” turned into “fly,” hence the hamlet’s unusual name.

They developed Johnny's apple orchards for pressing the juice to be fermented into hard cider and wine. Refrigeration had not yet developed so these hard ciders and apple wines that were shelf-stable and safe to drink became the beverage of choice -- three meals a day. [Fly Creek Cider Mill]


  • Hosea Williams built a centralized cider mill to efficiently turn apples into sweet cider. He harnessed the power of Fly Creek and used a turbine to run a grinder and water-hydraulic press.
  • Success crested at the turn of the 19th century under second owner Linn Kane.  He decreased the dependence on water by introducing a two-cylinder gas engine
  • In 1962 Charlie and Barbara Michaels bought the property. They have kept the “traditions alive."
  • Their son Bill Michaels and wife Brenda purchased the business in 1999 and have continued the dream of turning it into a family wonderland.

Last year the Fly Creek Cider Mill opened the Cider House is located in the Fly Creek Historic District. The 1880s home was been completely renovated into a charming and cozy space with a covered porch and rocking chairs overlooking the Cider Mill. The 14 x 14 deck also has a gas grill and a picnic table.

Hopefully, the closing is only temporary as the release did mention they will re-assess their position as recovery from the pandemic progresses. Over the next two weeks, their remaining inventory will be highly discounted and you're encouraged to stock up on your favorite flavors of the Mill.

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