Looking for some great apple pie? There are plenty of shops to choose from in Upstate New York. Our friends over at the Fly Creek Cider Mill and Orchard just got voted as the home of one of the best apple pies in the state.

Our friends over at New York Upstate, put together a great list of the top pie shops to choose from for Apple Pie. They started their list with our friends from Cooperstown:

Located just five miles west of Cooperstown, the Fly Creek Cider Mill is one of Upstate's most venerable apple orchards, cider mills, food stores and bakeries. For nearly 160 years this little mill located next to, you guessed it, Fly Creek has been a hub of activity during growing and harvesting season. Today is it a tourist mecca, although it has steadfastly clung to its old family traditions and nostalgic sensibilities. You can even feed ducks in a pond here while eating you slice of homemade apple pie. While cider and donuts are the main draw here, the pies are nothing short of fantastic. A refrigerated, walk-in room allows you to pick the pie of your choice from a wide variety on hand. Most folks, however, go straight to the apple pie section. And have it your way -- traditional Apple Pie, Apple Crisp Pie, Apple Caramel Nut Pie and even Apple Pie Tacos. They even package up "half pies" for those who don't want a whole pie."

A big congrats to our friends in Cooperstown. Not only do they have amazing cider, their apple pie is probably one of the top in the state! Put it to the test, and sample it for yourself.