Let me start out by saying that this is an item that should be a permanent part of their menu. If McDonald's or Wendy's adds a turkey burger to their permanent menu, I anticipate it to be a tremendous success. For now, Burger King is the first to offer the new sandwich as part of its limited-time offers for Spring. It's appears most fast food joints are making an effort to cater to health-conscious diners.

The Huffington Post reports that:

Last week, McDonald's said it plans to offer a lower-calorie version of its Egg McMuffin made with egg whites. The Oak Brook, Ill.-based chain said the egg whites will be available for any other breakfast sandwich on its menu as well.


Turkey burgers as a category is growing pretty rapidly in the restaurant space," said Eric Hirschhorn, who heads global innovation for Burger King.

Now with the fixings, Burger King's turkey burger weighs in at 530 calories, compared with 470 calories for its grilled chicken sandwich and the regular Whopper which is 630 calories. I'd order it 'your way' with just lettuce and tomato.

I for one can recommend the turkey burger as part of your diet if you're interested in lowering your intake of red meat. Like burgers, there is a cheaper cut, but if you shop for the more pricey turkey burger and slow cook it on the grill, be prepared for juicy goodness.