Where can you find some of the freshest flowers and best tasting fruits and veggies in the Mohawk Valley? Here are 3 that will make even some of the most finicky kids love their greens!

Brick House Acres -Green House & Berry Farm- (Frankfort, NY)

Located 10 minutes south of Utica, Brick House Acres offers a berry picking extravaganza that's fun for the whole family. The last time I visited, I took home some of the best tasting rainbow eggs I've ever eaten, and that's no chicken scratch. If you dread pesticides, don't worry, this honest, family run farm never uses chemicals. How about a drive to the countryside this weekend?

Old Path Farm-( New Hartford, NY)

Almost all the produce at this lush garden center is planted and harvested by hand. From Arugula to Zucchini, Old Path Farm has got you covered.  What I really enjoy about this place is the down home family atmosphere. They believe in neighbors helping neighbors, and their attention to detail shows. I love asparagus! I grill it, steam it, and even bake it. Last weekend, I stopped in to this quaint and neighborly farm and bought myself lots and lots of asparagus. I grilled it with a little olive oil and salt, and it was delectable.

Harts Hill Farm (Whitesboro, NY)

I have 4 favorite foods: chicken wings, pizza, coconut, and garlic. If someone invented a garlic flavored Ice cream, I'd likely be the first one to try it. I put garlic on just about everything. Aren't you glad you're reading this and not standing in front of me? Hart's Hill Farm has some of the tastiest garlic around! In fact, according to localharvest.org:

Hearts Hill Farm's Czech Garlic (Heirloom Variety) won Grand Champion at the Great New York State Fair, 3 years running in the Organic Commercial Division.

If its sweet corn and summer squash you crave, Harts Hill Farm is sure to satisfy. They also have a farm stand set up during the summer months.

Just Jen and I talked about kids and veggies!




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