Foxes just debuted the music video for 'Holding Onto Heaven,' the third single from her upcoming album 'Glorious,' and it's clear that she knows how to throw a party. The British singer, who looks stunning in heavy winged eyeliner, loose waves and a pink pleasant blouse, has all the trimmings for an upscale, high-class party: gorgeous outfits, grinning guests and a live band -- yet, there is still a twinge of sadness in the intriguing video.

As Foxes (born Louisa Rose Allen) dances around in the video, the lyrics are notably poignant and heartfelt ("I can't take it/ 'cause you think nobody sees what you're doing to me/ I'm telling you guilt is in your eyes," she sings. "I hate what you've done, what you've made me become/ No sleep, face the night,") reminding us all that there is more beneath the happy facade -- a concept that is visualized when the scene is split upside-down. As scene shifts from upside-down to right side-up, so does Foxes' mood, becoming cheerful, then sullen, and back again.

Watch Foxes' 'Holding Onto Heaven' music video above.

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