Every parent wants to do what they can to protect their kids. Now there's one more step you can take that could save your child's life, and you can get the right tools and information for free at a special event going on in Yorkville.

It's "Operation Kidsafe," and it's taking place at Carbone Honda of Yorkville Tuesday, June 6th through Friday, June 9th. The event runs from 10am to 6pm each day, with different safety information and tools available each day. But there's one thing that is available every day: It's free and it could save your child's life.

We're talking about the free digital fingerprint and photo safety program. This information is given back to the parents so that if their child goes missing they can quickly and easily get that information to law enforcement. When a child is missing, every seconds counts. And for parents to have something they can give to law enforcement in a timely manner (so an Amber Alert can go out), it could save a life. And with it being digital, it makes it so that information can be given out anywhere in the world to help aid in finding a child.

If you're worried about that information getting out when it doesn't need to (say, when there isn't an emergency), don't. None of the data is saved, so it all stays completely private until you have to use it (and hopefully you never need to).

On Tuesday night (June 6th), the Oneida County Sheriff's Department will be by to conduct child safety seat inspections, from 4:30p - 7p. So you can make sure your child's safety seat is the right size and properly installed.

There will also be other safety tips and information throughout the 4-day event, that can help parents and children alike know what to do in emergencies.





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