A scary incident involving a man in a van and a teen is a reminder for all parents to talk to their kids about safety.

The incident occurred in the Phoenix Central School District in Oswego. A high school student was approached by a man in a grey van. According to the school district, "the driver of the vehicle engaged the student and asked her if she wanted a ride on two occasions. The student did not get in the vehicle. She described the operator of the vehicle as a white male with a white hat, approximately 60 years of age."

Christopher Byrne, Superintendent of the Phoenix CSD, encourages parents to "use this incident as an opportunity to remind your children to be cautious when approached by a stranger and to not get into a vehicle with someone they do not know. If approached by a stranger, they should immediately report the incident to an adult."

In response, police are increasing patrols in the village and around the school. The Phoenix Police Department is continuing their investigation into this incident and would like to identify and speak to the vehicle’s driver or anyone who may have additional information regarding this incident. If you have any additional information, please contact the Phoenix Police Department by calling 315-343-1313.

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