With the record-breaking heat, we had this week, a quick and easy-to-make frozen drink is perfect heading into the weekend.

But what if you don't want to break out the blender and empty the ice tray? Well, you can have these simple "Freeze and Squeeze" frozen drinks all weekend long.

The Daily's Frozen drink pouches are perfect for hot weekends in the 716.

All you do is throw them in the freezer for 8 hours and then squeeze them into a glass and you have a perfect, tasty, frozen drink without all the effort.

Right now you can get Daily's frozen drink pouches on sale 5 for $5 buck at Best Value Wine And Liquor with a mail-in rebate.

They come in lots of different flavors so there will be something for everyone.


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For the video of this week's "Drink of the Week" I felt like I was cheating on a High School AP exam. That is how easy they are to use. Just Freeze, Squeeze, and enjoy!

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