Did you know the band "X Ambassadors" are from right here in New York? Actually, most of the members are from an area not too far from Syracuse.

You may know X Ambassadors for their hit song "Renegades," which got its start in a Jeep commercial on TV. That pretty much launched their careers into overdrive. But did you know all the band members are from New York, and most of them are from Ithaca?

That's right, Ithaca! Three out of the four members where born and raised in Ithaca and went to school in the area.

Sam Harris (vocals), and Casey Harris (keyboard) are brothers who grew up in Ithaca. They have been friends with Noah Feldshuh (lead guitar) since kindergarten. The last member of the band Adam Levin (drums), met Sam Harris while he was attending school in New York City.

So there's your fun fact for the day...


We're not done yet!

X Ambassadors are going to be back in the state for the Great New York State Fair. They're on tour now with Rachel Platten and A Great Big World. And seeing as Rachel and A Great Big World are already scheduled to play at the Chevy Court for their free concert series, it only makes sense that X Ambassadors would do so, as well. Unfortunately, they won't all be taking the stage at the same time.

Rachel Platten and A Great Big World will perform at the Chevy Court on Saturday, September 3rd at 8pm. X Ambassadors are scheduled that same day, but earlier - They take the stage at 2pm.



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