Maybe these aren't the most fun things to do in our area, but they are things we seem to do the most often. That means we have to enjoy them... right?

I'll be completely honest, the inspiration for this post came from a post my friend had shared on Facebook talking about the fun things to do in Michigan. The photo included actual fun things to do like going to the lake, but it also included things like cheering for sports teams that never win, and something about trying to become a famous rapper (or something along those lines). It's like using the idea of "fun" as just what people do in that state.

Seeing as New York is a divided state (and pretty much everything you say for Upstate New York is not even close to anything you say for New York City), I decided to change the game a little bit. Instead of "Fun Things to Do in New York," I'm going to focus just on our area. This is "Fun Things to Do in Central New York."

Maybe the word FUN should be in quotations...

Either way, here we go:


- Go to the Adirondacks
- Complain about where we live
- Hit up the Great New York State Fair
- Go see a show at the Brewery
- Complain about the heat in the summer
- Complain about the snow in the winter
- Go to the Adirondacks
- Get ice cream at one of the amazing places we have throughout Central New York
- Day drink
- Complain about the taxes
- Go to the Adirondacks
- Visit the Utica Zoo
- Day drink some more

Obviously, this post is just satire. Living in Central New York is really a nice place and we do have a lot of interesting and unique things to do. We do like to complain, though. But then again, who doesn't?!




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