Deb Cabral, the DeClutter Coach, joins us again with some great tips and tricks for getting organized. This week she shows us an easy way to keep those decorations organized and neat.

And we're not just talking about Christmas decorations. In this week's "Get Organized with Naomi Lynn," Deb Cabral shows us an easy way to sort and organize all those holiday decorations, whether they're for Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or of course, Christmas.

How do you have your holiday decorations stored? Are they all in one box? Do you have to do a little searching in the attic, trying to find those plastic pumpkins before Halloween hits every year? Save yourself a little time and effort with these decluttering tips from Deb Cabral's "Organized in 60 Seconds."

Deb suggests that you store your holiday decorations in their own designated bin. One bin for Halloween, one for Christmas, and so on. If you color-code your storage bins it makes it even easier, like an orange and/or black bin for Halloween, and a red and/or green one for Christmas. Don't forget to label the bins, as well.

Then, keep all your storage bins in one location, like in the attic or in a corner in the garage. That way you're not looking all over the place because you know you have some bins in a closet, and some in the garage, but you're not sure which ones are where. This will save you some time and effort, and we could all save a little bit of time in our day-to-day lives.

And the last tip Deb Cabral gives us for storing our holiday decorations is to make room for new decorations. Make an effort to donate a few items you no longer put out, or that are getting older. That way you can continue to add to your collection, but you're not keeping anything that you're not using anymore. And since you're donating those items, they could be put to good use for someone else.

These quick and easy tips can help you save money in the long run, too. You won't end up spending money on new decorations because you can't find ones that you've bought in the past. You paid a lot of money for those holiday decorations, so what's spending a few bucks to get some storage bins to keep them neat and organized and get the most out of those decorations?

We want to thank Deb Cabral for sharing these great decoration organization tips with us. And you can always get more tips and tricks for organizing all aspects of your life by following Deb Cabral at: and at You can also follow Deb on her Facebook Page: DeClutter Coach Deb.

Don't forget to join us next Monday, with more helpful tips and tricks to get organized, from the DeClutter Coach, Deb Cabral.



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