Getting organized doesn't have to cost a fortune, and Deb Cabral is here to show us some great organizing products that you can pick up at the dollar store.

When it comes to bettering ourselves, we know sometimes you have to spend some money, as in a gym membership to help you get in shape, or buying products to help you get organized. But just because you want to pick a few items to help on your organizing journey, you don't have to spend a ton of money. Actually, you can pick up a LOT of great organizing products right from the dollar store.

In the video (at the top of this page), Deb Cabral shows us some of her favorite organizing items that you can find at the dollar store. The first item she names are handled baskets. These baskets can be used in a variety of areas, from organizing in the kitchen or bathroom, to keeping the kid's school supplies together and neat. Number two on Deb Cabral's list are those over-the-door metal hooks. You can use these hooks to dry towels, maybe put out your clothes for the next day... The possibilities are nearly endless. Lock Top containers are the third item you can pick up from the dollar store that can help you organize areas of your life. You can put snacks into the containers for a road trip or maybe use them to organize small handheld games and cards. The last item Deb Cabral mentions is drawer organizers. These are great to keep all your rubber bands, paper clips, staples, and other small office supplies neat and organized. And again, you can find all these items at the dollar store.

My favorite dollar store item from the video has to be the handled baskets, those are just perfect! Whether you use them to organize your pantry (like Deb Cabral does), or your bathroom, or even your closet. When you need something, you just grab the handle and you're good-to-go.

We want to thank Deb Cabral for joining us again and showing us these great organizing items that you can pick up from the dollar store. You can always get more tips for organizing by following Deb Cabral at: You can also visit: and follow her Facebook Page: @DeborahJCabral
And we'll see you back here next Monday!




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