Two great tastes mixed together can make an even better food. For example, peanut butter and chocolate - good alone, but together, the magical Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. But what about a candy cane mixed with an iconic cookie?

There is now an Oreo-flavored candy cane.

Are there people who don't like Oreos? As store-bought cookies go, they're arguably the best. They've got the perfect ratio of creamy-filling to cookie, they don't immediately fall apart when you dunk them in milk, and they give you options when eating: cream first, the whole cookie, or cookie-cream-cookie - it's all up to you.

Unusually flavored candy canes are a thing now. There are even pickle-flavored candy canes. Whether that's a good thing is certainly debatable, and probably hinges on whether you like pickles in the first place. (If you don't like candy canes, you're probably in the wrong place. Check out the best pizza places in Utica instead.)

Does that Oreo taste belong in a candy cane? Evidently, the answer is yes.

A company called Spangler is making Oreo-flavored candy canes just in time for Christmas. They're colored like an Oreo, and they allegedly taste like an Oreo. They're available online, and in Central New York, at stores like Target and Walmart.

Perhaps you, like me, find yourself conflicted by this whole Oreo-as-candy-cane. You love Oreos. You love candy canes. But the idea of an Oreo, distilled into candy and shaped like a candy cane seems...wrong. What's next? Oreo flavored meatloaf? You and I both know there's no actual Oreo in that candy cane. So where's the line?

But then again...OREOS.




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