An eerie image was posted to the r/ghosts forum on the Internet message board Reddit. The poster, who took the photo thinks it may be of a ghost of a girl inside an elementary school.

Here's what Reddit user Jelloc had to say about the image:

My friend was walking with a few friends and one of them said they saw someone in the school. Rather than approach (considering it was 10 pm) My friend just took a picture to show the police. An officer told her the building was vacant and the alarms were on. When my friend went back the figure wasn't there anymore.

I believe the police told my friend that there were motion sensor alarms. This was the elementary school I attended and I do believe there were motion sensors by the entrances, I could be wrong though considering that was many years ago and I have a hazy memory.

On the other hand I'm not sure why anyone would want to stay in an elementary school at night, that might be a tad creepier than the ghost itself.

What is your opinion? Is the image to distinct to be a ghost? If it's real, what is a young person doing in a locked school with motion detection and other security so late at night?