A group of Townsquare Employees and friends were invited to Hotel Utica for a "ghost tour". I was one of those invited.

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As someone who does not, go willingly looking for trouble--as someone who does not willing go places where "trouble" could be lurking in dark corners--as someone who leaves rooms when vibes feel off--I went. Albeit a bit late. I went because I did not go alone. I also went because as a journalist, exploring and then reporting things that are out of my comfort zone are a natural part of the job. I went, to see if (as an intuitive) I would sense or feel or experience anything worthy of reporting. It was an exploration tour Afterall.


I did not do any research prior to the visit because I didn't want to taint my experience. You how is you know what to look for, you tend to find it? I didn't want to find anything subconsciously I wasn't looking for consciously. Feel me? I simply brought my camera phone, did some interviews along the tour and took a bunch of video as any decent journalist would.


We toured all the most noted haunted spots of the hotel. The lobby, the Mezzanine, the basement, the "super duper haunted" rooms on the fourth floor, the 13th floor that's only accessible by secret elevator code and the roof. All of these places could have been deemed spooky at face, but alas, I personally didn't experience any spooky stuff at the hotel. It's also gorgeous, btw.

Courtesy of Hotel Utica
Courtesy of Hotel Utica

The spooky stuff happened when I got home. Husband and I Palo Santo'd ourselves straight away and then went about our lives. But what had happened was... no sooner than I got in the bed...


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