Who doesn't like choices when it comes to picking up a bottle of wine for the holidays? Now the options are almost endless at a new wine and spirits store.

It's called the "Tin Woodman's Flask" and it's sure to have the wine, vodka, rum, or other spirits you're looking for. The Oneida Nation announced the grand opening of this HUGE liquor and wine store today (Nov. 27).

This store features more than 100,000 bottles of wines and spirits... 100,000 BOTTLES! If you like options and are dedicated to picking out that perfect bottle for any occasion, we think you'll be set at Tin Woodman's Flask. And if you're not sure about certain bottles, or maybe you don't know a lot about wine, this store also has interactive kiosks that help visitors learn about different wines. These kiosks can even show you other wines that are similar to a wine you've chosen so you can continue to expand your wine brands/types (or someone else's).

And if an interactive kiosk isn't enough, Tin Woodman's Flask also offers tasting events every weekend so you can explore new wines and spirits. According to the Tin Woodman's Flask website, you can stop in between 4pm and 7pm this Friday (Dec. 1), and try specific wines from "19 Crimes," wines from "Trinchero Wines," and even "Kahlua" spirits. They have more tastings on Saturday, and throughout the month of December. You can get a schedule of their tasting events by visiting: TinWoodmansFlask.com/Tasting-Events.

And if you still can't find what you're looking for? Oneida Nation says the store has a "Custom Order Service," where they will order any wine or spirit you need. Plus, you'll get it at a 5-percent discount.

So if you're looking for new options when it comes to your wine selection or you're trying to pick out that perfect drink for a special someone during the holidays, you may want to check out this gigantic wine and spirits store in Chittenango. They're open Monday through Thursday: 9am - 9pm, Friday and Saturday: 9am - 10pm, and Sunday: 12pm - 6pm.




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